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Travel Like A Star In Barbados (VIDEO)

huffington Post "Celebrities seem to have it all: the best clothes, the best homes and even the best vacations, which they seem to be able to take at the drop of a hat. Barbados has long been a player in the celebrity vacation game."

Celebrity Caribbean resort overcomes credit crunch woes

Telegraph : "After $85m (£55m) of costs and years of delay, Simon Cowell, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Eddie Jordan could finally get their slice of paradise, as the luxury Barbados resort they helped to fund is resurrected."

Newcastle Airport announce flights to Barbados

Image via Wikipedia Sunday Sun : "NORTH families will be able to escape the gloomy winter woes and jet directly to the sun-kissed Caribbean from next year. Winter sun-seekers will now have the option of jetting off to Barbados after Thomson Airways announced the sunspot as a new destination for Thomson and First Choice customers flying from Newcastle International Airport."

Barbados bounces back

Barbados bounces back - Telegraph : "It takes a lot to ruffle the waters on the dreamy west coast of Barbados, but recently ripples have been sent across the island’s swimming pools by the news that Sir Cliff Richard is to sell his £6m Sugar Hill mansion. Upkeep of the six-bedroom villa with swimming pool and tennis court has started to get a bit much for the 70-year-old singer. He wants somewhere that takes a little less looking after. The good news, though, is that it will still be on Barbados. “Sir Cliff is looking to buy a lock-up apartment elsewhere on the island,” confirms his representative in Britain. “That said, it hasn’t been built yet.”" Related articles JetBlue loves seeing Rihanna on Barbados in a bikini (


Image via Wikipedia Exec Digital : "Convincing your wife to vacation at Sandy Lane in Barbados is the easy part. Convincing her that the trip is a ‘family vacation’ and not a ‘golf holiday’ is the hard part. And trust us when we say that a trip to Sandy Lane is most definitely a golf holiday. The Barbadian resort sports three of the most pristine golf courses you might ever ground a club on, with the design for two of those courses coming from world-renowned golf architect Tom Fazio. Fazio has received the Best Modern Day Golf Architect award from Golf Digest three times and his two Sandy Lane coursers, the Country Club and the Green Monkey, are a few of the most well-respected golf courses in the world." Related articles Top 5 celebrity wedding hotspots (

All I want for Christmas is a long weekend in Barbados

Image via Wikipedia The Globe and Mail : "What could be a better gift under the Christmas tree than an envelope containing reservations for a five-night February escape to the sun, sand and warm waters of Barbados? Leave Toronto on Thursday morning on a non-stop Air Canada flight to Bridgetown and by mid-afternoon you and your partner can be checked into a romantic suite at the Crane Resort on the south-east coast, perched on the cliffs above the pink sands of one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. After watching the sun set while sipping a Mount Gay rum cocktail, you can dine on Thai and Japanese cuisine at the resort's Zen Restaurant before retiring to your four-poster bed and a lullaby of breaking waves. On Friday, after an afternoon of basking in the sun, head to the nearby village of Oistins to enjoy the best beach party in the Caribbean. Reggae music competes with disc jockeys spinning oldie goldies as Bajan seniors in suits and floral-print dresses waltz in di

Barbados: Sun, rum and `Washington slept here'

- Taiwan News Online : "George Washington slept here. Among the hundreds of markers in the United States that make that claim about the first president, the most curious is here on Barbados, the easternmost Caribbean island, off the coast of Venezuela, which Washington visited in 1751. He apparently enjoyed his stay, despite a bout of smallpox, writing in his diary, 'In the cool of the evening we rode in the country and were perfectly enraptured with the beautiful scenery which every side presented our view. The fields of cane, corn, fruit trees in a delightful green.'"

Rihanna Brings Barbados Bliss To 'Good Morning America' -

MTV : "NEW YORK — Nearly one year to the day since the release of her brooding Rated R, Rihanna has softened her hard edges and surrendered the warrior pose for a relaxed island twirl. Her Loud album, released Tuesday, has already launched two songs into the Billboard Hot 100: 'What's My Name?' is clutching the top spot, while 'Only Girl (In the World)' holds steady just three spots behind the Drake-assisted track at #4. So on Wednesday morning (November 17), the Caribbean beauty decided to give fans a taste of what Barbados bliss sounds like, performing the hit singles during a one-two punch of a set on ABC's 'Good Morning America.'"

Barbados a baby-friendly holiday destination for Martin Roberts : "'You've come on holiday with your baby?' asked the man lounging by the pool, as he spluttered into his freshly-mixed rum punch. Pointing to my four-month-old, Megan, he continued 'Are you mad?' She simply smiled and gurgled in response. If this had been the only such reaction on my break to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, I would have dismissed him as 'a bit weird'. Related articles Flights At Discount Rates To Barbados : FPRD (

Largest cruise ship docks in Barbados

The Barbados Advocate "Azura, the largest cruise ship to dock in Barbados to date, was acknowledged during a ceremony which was held onboard yesterday afternoon. With the capacity to hold 3 000 visitors and 1 200 crew, its potential to increase visitor arrivals is extremely significant, and with 1 600 persons arriving to Barbados on its maiden voyage alone the honourable George Hutson praised the captain and his crew for this efforts. Related articles Flights At Discount Rates To Barbados : FPRD (

Flights At Discount Rates To Barbados : FPRD

FPRD : "Barbados the gorgeous island is located with in the tropic region and has a very pleasing maritime climate. This weather is majorly influenced by the northeast trade winds and gives almost a moderate temperature to the island. The season remains dry from December to June and from June to October it is very cool due to the rainy season. On an average the complete weather conditions stays normal between 24 to 28 degree Celsius and this favors the tourism very much. This moderate temperature throughout the year attracts many tourists. Barbados the well developed smallest nation in the world provides every aspect necessary for living and this successful island offers easy flight facilities to every part of the world and also there are many flights coming to this great island every day. Barbados flights enhance many tourists and others who want to visit this wonderful island on work and personal reasons. Flights from across the world by different airlines facilitate people to f

Barbados Holiday Makers disgusted with Thomas Cook | Latest Travel News

in2town "Thomas Cook has shown once more why more and more holidaymakers are turning there back on the High Street travel agent. A couple who were looking forward to their romantic holiday to Barbados were humiliated in front of a planeload of passengers after being told they could not go on their holiday after claims were made they had not paid for their holiday. The couple that had booked their holiday with Thomas Cook had been looking forward to their holiday to Barbados, which cost them 4,934 but were devastated when they were told on the plane that they had not paid for their holiday and were asked to leave the plane."

Discount Rates on New AA Flights from Dallas/Fort Worth to Barbados

Discount Rates on New AA Flights from Dallas/Fort Worth to Barbados : "As part of American Airlines' expanded service to Barbados from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the carrier is offering a special $298 round-trip coach fare for travel starting Dec. 16. There are blackout dates, however, from Dec. 17-24 and 26-28, 2010 and on return flights from Barbados on Jan. 1-4, 2011."

Rihanna: 'Barbados Prime Minister Was A Great Man'

Contactmusic News : "RIHANNA has paid tribute to Barbados' late Prime Minister DAVID THOMPSON, branding him 'irreplaceable'. The singer wept at Thompson's funeral in her home country on Wednesday (03Nov10) as she bade an emotional farewell to the politician, who lost his year-long battle with cancer aged 48. And she has been left devastated by the tragedy - especially as Thompson only took office in January 2008. She tells Britain's The Sun, 'He was a really dear friend of mine. It just sucks he didn't have enough time to really show Barbados what he was made of and all that he could have done. 'Just to be with his family, his friends, people that love him... it felt like it was the worst person it could happen to. He was a great man, great for the country. 'He was great to everyone that he knew, there's not one person that hates or hated this man. He is irreplaceable... It was very upsetting.'"

Rihanna in Barbados for Prime Minister David Thompson's Funeral

Image via Wikipedia Rihanna is in Barbados attending the funeral of our late Prime Minister David Thompson Related articles State funeral for David Thompson ( Rihanna didn't show up to Barbados P.M.'s funeral- some Bajans outraged ( Jack to act as Kamla heads to Barbados ( EDITORIAL - David Thompson's legacy ( Mourning in Barbados: Sun obscured by clouds (

Rihanna didn't show up to Barbados P.M.'s funeral- some Bajans outraged

I must admit that I can't believe that Rihanna is not going to be showing up for David Thompson's funeral.... Rihanna didn't show up to P.M.'s funeral- some Bajans outraged : "Ms Fenty please do the right thing, show your appreciation and respect to a fellow Combermerian and Prime Minister who took a lot of criticism for how he treated you. May the family of our late Prime David Thompson find comfort that he lived by the creed “Dulce et Decorum Pro Patria Mori.” (Horace: It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country.)