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Why do black women fear the 'fro?

I love to see African women with dreadlocks and other traditional African styles but it is not too common to see an African woman wearing her normal hair in Barbados. I am definitely making sure that my little girl is aware of her African culture is not going to be easy in Barbados ...considering that we are proud to display a statue of a racist british admiral in heroes square of all just shows the thinking....... "As a black woman living in Canada, I often feel invisible when it comes to my natural hair. The television series da Kink In My Hair (which just wrapped up its first season on Global television) taps into a lot of the issues black women have with hair, but on the streets of Toronto, it's a whole other story."

Ken’s dream holiday ruined

Maybe if Ken hasn't gotten this resolved the Barbados Tourist Board could help never know....The man always wanted to come to Barbados...I hope someone makes his dream come true.... Ken’s dream holiday ruined : "A PENSIONER fears he has lost his savings and missed on his dream holiday after a travel company went bust – 24 hours after it withdrew money from his bank. Ken Williams, aged 72, of New Park, Talbot Green, spent two years saving for a £3,148 luxury cruise, which was set to sale from Falmouth to Barbados this April. But Mr Williams was horrified to find that just a week after booking the holiday Travelscope Holidays Limited was going into administration – a day after taking the money out of his account. Mr Williams said: “I booked up for the cruise on December 16 – I had always wanted to go to Barbados."

What's cooking in Barbados : "It was hard to decide what to be more excited about. Slipping underwater to watch colorful fish darting in and out of a sunken ship or digging into a lunch of flying fish served on board a snorkel-and-sail day trip in Barbados. Because for me — and many other travelers who fall into the newly defined culinary tourist category — it is all about the food."

What I know of David Thompson...Barbados' New Prime Minister

It doesn't seem too long ago that I was seeing David Thompson walking the corridors of Combermere School.These were the times of Devere 'bumpy 'Moore and Charlie Pilgrim...I don't think I ever had occasion to even utter a word to Thompson in those days but I use to utter some words about him to myself.Things like whether he ever leaves the school or what is it that is keeping him so busy..... Usually I would leave school early.As soon as the bell goes so would I but on those occasions when for some reason or another I would be at school late Thompson would still be about. No matter how early you got to school Thompson would be there before. I use to wonder if he ever did leave the school..... Actually I remembered Mascoll too...and unlike Thompson he was into sports,and if I can remember correctly he threw the Javelin and Discuss and was a member of the same set as I was...set F....I was amazed that he didn't even know me when he was canvassing in St.James South and

I have already cast my vote in this Barbados Election 2008

Yes I did,at around 6.30 am.....I was there only to be surprised that I had to wait in a fairly lengthy line.Does that mean that there is going to be a high voter turnout? I don't know but I was surprised by the relatively high number of young people at that early morning time waiting to vote....but then again the St.James south constituency is a pretty large one....... What I don't like is the practice of writing the ID number on the ballot paper...that is a means for people to identify who you voted for and although Barbados is very mature when it comes to these things is something that needs to be looked at....
I ,like everyone else, have been trying to determine before hand who will win this election in Barbados.Apparently not even the pollsters can determine that ...we have been getting conflicting results .One pollster is giving the BLP the edge while the other is giving the opposition DLP. One thing is for is going to be a much more closely contested election .In the previous two elections we had in Barbados it seemed as though the opposition had no money to spend,not this time around... I know there have been some really big issues recently and the Barbados political blogs have been having a field day.I really believe that the influence of these blogs may have been underestimated but we shall wait and see.....I do believe that Bajans will make the right choice...they always do......

Party time in Barbados

Barbados will go to the polls on January 15......Many are suggesting that this election is unlike any of our previous ones and I tend to agree. Mainly I think because of the fact that more technology is being used.I think Bajans have just awakened to the reality of Internet technology and have now started to utilise it ...mostly for gossiping and spreading rumours...but also for positive things.... In the space of a few months the websites of the major political parties have been upgraded and the constituency offices have turned into hives of activity although I am seeing more drinking and playing of loud music...but I suspect that may be why they are called political parties...

Where the celebs went in the Caribbean

Actually Barbados was always a celebrity spot.I guess it maybe because Bajans tend not to pay too much attention to far as I know we don't mob them for autographs and things like far as I know.... Caribbean Travel News: News for travelers visiting the Caribbean : "The other celebrity hot spot this New Years was Barbados. Barbados seems to be a growing celebrity destination. Stars visiting Barbados: , Simon Cowell (as usual), Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton, and 'Waking the Dead' star Trevor Eve vacationed with wife Sharon Maughan."