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what a hero!

Today is national heroes' day in Barbados and if you take a visit to Bridgetown you will see a statue of our most prominent hero resting peacefully in heroes square...what a hero...what an island.......

Barbados escapes AA flight cancellations : "American airlines cancelled just over 900 flights Thursday, again stranding thousands of passengers. CBC's Lisa Lorde says Barbados has been fortunate not to be affected like those in the United States. The cancellation of hundreds of flights comes as the airline continues to undergo a rigid inspection of certain jets. Barbados has remained unaffected by the three days of cancelled flights which have left up to one hundred thousand passengers stranded mostly in the US. An AA representative says all flights to and from Barbados are on schedule as well as their connecting flights."

I like cocou but without the flying fish

I know Coucou and flying fish is the national dish of Barbados.I love the coucou especially the way my wife does it but please spare the flying fish. The way my wife does coucou for me is with a kind of pickled cucumber and whole okras.The flavour is amazing although I try not obsess myself with these sweet tastes.