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Best island spring break destinations

Image via Wikipedia Helium : "Barbados is becoming increasingly popular as a spring break destination for all ages. Surfing is famously popular here, as the rough seas off the south coast provide some of the best surfing to be found. On the Caribbean side of Barbados, clear waters present fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. Pristine beaches, water sports, boat tours, fishing, exploring historical sites, fantastic restaurants and clubs all await the pleasure of travelers visiting Barbados for spring break.

Sir Cliff Richard: Why Barbados beats Britain

Telegraph : "Sir Cliff Richard says he is no longer a British resident because he spends most of his time in Barbados...........His spokesman, Bill Latham, confirms that Sir Cliff is a citizen of Barbados, where, after selling his house in Weybridge, Surrey, in 2006, he now spends most of his time. Related articles by Zemanta Bestselling Tony Blair goes house-hunting in Barbados (

Barbados holidays: Simon Cowell's favourite island is booming once more

Mail Online : "I wondered if I should take soup and blankets, sleeping bags and hard tack, whatever that is, just to help the poor people of Barbados and their deprived visitors in their hour of need. For several decades, Barbados has been the most affluent, most developed island in the West Indies, attracting Britain's richest and finest, but stories had been appearing in the newspapers about the collapse of its economy."

More Flights to the Caribbean with Virgin Atlantic Revealed

Image via Wikipedia Just the Flight Travel News : "Popular airline Virgin Atlantic have revealed that they are to increase the number of flights travelling to the Caribbean as British holidaymakers look to seek out the sun during the winter months. While not available for the upcoming season, the additions to the 2011/12 itinerary will start as early as October next year. Revealing the details, which will make Virgin Atlantic the largest operator of flights from Britain to the Caribbean, the airline said that hotspot destinations including Grenada, Barbados and Tobago would benefit from the move." Related articles by Zemanta BA increases Caribbean flights (