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Racism in Barbados?

The Nation Newspaper THE HUMAN RACE: Racism in our hotels : "I have never had a problem driving into any of the walled and gated resorts on this island. Indeed, at one large hotel where I dine periodically, the guard starts opening the massive gate as soon as I turn off the main road. So what's the problem? My easy access happens only because I am white." This is nothing new; It is just simply amazing that things like this happen in countries that are predominately African and seems to be tolerated by the majority African population.......but then again it speaks volumes when we see that a statue of the racist horatio nelson remains in heroes square...what do you expect?

Barbados A Caribbean Traveler's Dream

Travel Agent Central : "It was in 1976 when travel agent Joyeuce King first visited Barbados. On her way to Trinidad for the annual Carnival festival, her flight was canceled, so she and her friend decided to take a detour to the little-known, most easterly island in the Caribbean. When she arrived in Barbados, her first thought was, 'I feel like I've been here before.' That's because, as Travel Agent also discovered during a recent trip there, the island makes any American traveler feel at home."