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No white christmas in Barbados....if yah please!

Christmas is my my favourite time of the year it is true and I like it in Barbados, even though it is not like it used to be.Bridgetown is beginning to swell with people. I am tempted to say like a mindless mass of people.....I probably will be doing my shopping on christmas eve...just before the stores close....It still amazes me how one culture can be so much influenced by another...the proliferation of white christmas songs.....prompted my little girl to ask me if it ever snowed or ever will snow in i told her...i don't like a white christmas and thats because of the cold.If snow was white fluffy and warm then yes...maybe.

Rihanna doing well

It is now official ....Barbados has its first international singing out Jamaica we are coming to get you.... The Nation Newspaper "RIHANNA'S TOTAL WORLD-WIDE record sales are approaching the ten million mark in just three years. And in addition to her massive fan base in the United States, the teenaged Bajan singing sensation has a 'huge' following in Europe, Japan and other countries."

Cannibals in Barbados

Now I was just browsing through some of the keywords that people use to access this site and realised that someone searched on Google for 'Cannibals in Barbados' and got to this site.Now rest assured I don't have any idea of who it could be or where they have come from for those who are paranoid about those things.... It just made me think of whether or not Barbados is or ever was a good place to look for cannibals.Of course the early European explorers would tell you so when they would use the term in reference to the Caribs.Then again they had a name for every ethnic group who wasn't of their ilk and maybe still do. Barbados today is a place that welcomes all but I have a strange feeling that cannibals are not welcomed.....and maybe never were.

bmi increases Manchester to Barbados flights

Holiday Extras : "bmi is now flying direct from Manchester to Barbados three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The extra flights from Manchester to Barbados are well timed for the busy Christmas and New Year holiday season in the Caribbean. 'We are expecting a very high number of passengers travelling to Barbados with bmi over the next few months as this is a peak travel period for the Caribbean island,' says bmi airport manager at Manchester, Brian Quinn."
The news that St. Lucia had experienced tremors today seems to have sent some Barbadians into a state of panic once again less than a week after the November 29th quake.It even reached the stage where parents turned up at schools to get their children. Maybe this is what prompted The Seismic Research Unit of the University of the West Indies to issue a statement concerning what they called an 'earthquake prediction rumour'. It is certainly true that if St.Lucia experienced aftershocks there is a possibility that we would too.The statement from the Seismic Research unit is that On Wednesday 5th December at 8:11am local time, an aftershock following the 29/11/07 earthquake which occurred north of Martinique was felt in Saint Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent. The preliminary location of the event is 15.11°N 61.05°W with a depth of 128km and magnitude of 5.3. It seems to me that Barbados has had a wake up call.I guess no more will we be saying 'It can't happen here

Coucou without the flying fish

I know coucou with flying fish is our national dish.The national dish of Barbados.I really don't know what that means but I know it couldn't be fun for the poor fish.I usually enjoy my coucou without flying fish since I prefer not to eat animals.Luckily my wife is a chef so she can concoct all of these non animal dishes for me. I can tell you that not all flying fish are killed and prepared the same way.Some people can really bring out the flavour of dead fish.If you want to enjoy the special flavour of traditional Bajan coucou and flying fish that hasn't changed in over 100 years.I know where you can go but you have to contact me first.....before you do....think of the fish
I just think it is a crime against humanity to be made to stand in long lines to pay utility bills.Paying bills today at the Barbados Light and Power was a horrible experience.There must have been fifty or more customers to only two attendants.When I left there I couldn't get anything else done. It is true that it is now possible to use Royal Online to pay these bills,both water and electricity.In the future I will be using that feature exclusively. I just wish that there was another power company though...something always irks me about these monopolies.

Christmas in Barbados

Independence celebrations are over and we are now officially into the Christmas season.Generally it is my favourite time of the year even with all the commercialisation.I like to hear the good old Bajan songs especially the spouge ones.Spouge still sounds really sweet...... Nothing beats christmas in the caribbean.