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Swim with Barbados’ sea turtles

Swim with Barbados’ sea turtles : "Barbados is sanctuary to a healthy population of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. These sociable creatures were once endangered by over-fishing but are now protected by The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) who actively promotes awareness about sea turtle conservation."

Best beaches: Bathsheba, Barbados

The foamy Atlantic breakers that smash onto this pretty sandy beach, studded with enormous boulders, are said to resemble the bath of Bathsheba, wife of King David. They also make for great surfing and the area known as the Soup Bowl attracts surfers from all over the world. The Telegraph

NO private beaches in Barbados

The Nation Newspaper THERE ARE NO private beaches in Barbados. Both Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and principal developer of the Four Seasons Resort and private villas, Mike Pemberton, made this clear yesterday in separate telephone interviews with the  DAILY NATION .