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Relaxing on Barbados

The Orange County Register "George Washington slept here. Among the hundreds of markers that make that claim, the most curious is here on Barbados, the easternmost Caribbean island, off Venezuela, which Washington visited in 1751. "He apparently enjoyed his stay, despite a bout of smallpox, writing in his diary: 'In the cool of the evening we rode in the country and were perfectly enraptured with the beautiful scenery which every side presented our view. The fields of cane, corn, fruit trees in a delightful green.' Washington, who was then 19, needed six weeks to sail from Virginia with his half brother Lawrence, who had tuberculosis. Lawrence Washington hoped the tropical air would be restorative. My wife and I needed five hours on a direct flight from New York to make our first visit here. And unlike the Washingtons, who came for recuperation, we, along with friends from London, came for the sun and rum."

Tamarind on Barbados adds activities, menus, elegance

The Boston Globe : " Take advantage of free water sports, including water skiing, most unusual for a resort that is not an all-inclusive. Give the local fish a taste at 246 Restaurant, so named for the island area code. Visit the new spa where they use things such as Bajan sea salt and Barbadian Moscovado brown sugar for treatments. And if it rains, never stand under a machineel tree on the beach. This most poisonous of trees exudes a sap so strong it blisters skin. Native Carib Indians used it to poison their arrows and in 1521, Ponce de Leon died after being wounded by one during a Florida expedition. But it doesn’t rain much in Barbados."

A new reno prompts Barbados hotel deal

The Globe and Mail : " Island Inn Hotel in Barbados wants to show off its renovations by offering travellers all-inclusive rates starting at $250 a room, a night – a savings of $100 off regular rates on new bookings made by Jan. 31 for travel through April 30."

Escape to Barbados .......

Image via Wikipedia Dallas Morning News : "What to expect? Crystal waters lap white sand beaches on the west and south sides; rugged coasts etch the north and east. There's golf, nightlife, wind-surfing, helicopter and boat tours, and the island's 167 square miles pack almost as many rum shops (one source estimates 1,500) as restaurants. Don't miss the tasting tours at Mount Gay Rum Distillery, and don't leave without trying Barbados' unofficial national meal: flying fish , served steamed or fried, with a side of spicy cornmeal-and-okra cou cou ." Related articles Newcastle Airport announce flights to Barbados (

Partying with the locals at Oistins in Barbados

Image via Wikipedia Comox Valley Record " OISTINS, Barbados — The fish are frying, the local Banks beer is flowing and an early Saturday-night crowd at Oistins’ fish-market-cum-street-party is clapping enthusiastically." Related articles Dwight Brown: Barbados: The Good-Time Caribbean Island ( How to do Barbados on a budget (

Eclipse, the world's largest yacht in Barbados

Image via Wikipedia Photo of the Day - : "Eclipse, the world's largest yacht, owned by a famous Russian owner, was recently delivered, and is now cruising the Caribbean. She is photographed here in the port of Barbados. Eclipse, built by Blohm & Voss, is still shrouded in secrecy, although we can reveal that her interior designed inside and out by Terence Disdale, Her owner also owns serveral other large yachts," Related articles Abramovich's 'Eclipse' Finally Ready to Set Sail (

JetBlue loves seeing Rihanna on Barbados in a bikini

Image by matt.hintsa via Flickr The 22-year-old pop diva and model, who has partnered with JetBlue in a marketing campaign to promote her Caribbean  birth place of Barbados , which the carrier serves with one daily flight from  John F Kennedy International Airport  (JFK) for as low as  $154 each way plus taxes and fees, depending on day of week, availability, and advanced purchase. Related articles Newcastle Airport announce flights to Barbados (