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Life is no walk in the forest for the Barbados Green Monkey

You always hear the stories of the Barbados green monkey frolicking in our lovely island and I guest it makes good tourist headlines and pictures but there is still a bounty out. ....Yes, Barbados doesn't know what to do with the green monkey since his natural habitat is becoming smaller and smaller. I remember the old stories that my mother would tell me about Sandy Lane Woods and their experiences with the monkeys in that area.The woods have long time been replaced with golf courses and houses and it is like that all over the island.So what does it leave the monkeys to do... Unfortunately the only solution so far has been to place a bounty on the tail of each monkey.

...Rough seas in Barbados...still

I think this is has been going on and on, for about two months...really unusual Nation News "HIGH SURF and small craft advisories are in effect for Barbados for the next several days. This warning has come from the Barbados Meteorological Services. Northerly swells will affect the exposed northern, eastern and western coastlines of the island. These swells will cause breaking wave action that will render the surf zone unsafe, by generating strong dangerous rip currents. Beachgoers, surfers and swimmers were therefore urged to remain onshore along the exposed coastlines until hazardous conditions subsided."

Barbados Music Awards celebrate five years in style

Image by Getty Images via @daylife The Barbados Advocate : "The fifth Barbados Music Awards was a fantastic event. Patrons arrived at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Sunday night bedecked in the latest fashions for a five-hour show which paid tribute to Barbados’ music community, the late Michael Jackson and featured international star, Fantasia Barrino."

Rough seas

Image by Jared Holder via Flickr I don't think I can remember such rough waters in  Barbados  for such an extended time...even the west coast which is normally calmer than a pool... Nation News -  St Peter jetty closed because of surging waves: "THE SURGING WAVES across Barbados this week have forced the temporary closure of the Speightstown jetty. Related articles by Zemanta ...Rough seas in Barbados...still ( Controversy over gift of land to Rihanna | NationNews - Barbados (

It’s the hospitality of the Barbados people that makes our small island so special

Telegraph : "When someone says “Barbados”, people traditionally think of palm trees, white sand, turquoise water and perhaps someone relaxing in a deckchair wearing a straw hat. Yes, we do have the gift of some very beautiful beaches here but Barbados is so much more than just a tropical island. There’s a lot going on in a country that’s just 166 square miles in size. Not only is there the landscape to explore from caves to gardens, the natural beauty of the Welchman Hall Gully and our rugged east coast but you can have an activity- filled holiday here, too."

Bargain Barbados

Image by Corvair Owner via Flickr Calgary Herald "There's something about the first onslaught of prairie winter that triggers my Caribbean dreams, and there may be no better year than this one to explore an upscale isle like Barbados. Barbados definitely has loads of luxury (the only island with its own AAA and Zagat guides) but it's also one of the easiest for budget travel. There's a great infrastructure here -- a hangover from more than 300 years of British rule -- so you'll find clean, drinkable tap water and good local buses, along with excellent small hotels, many offering special discounts."