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I don't get angry.Not even when I read those articles like I saw today in the Sunday Sun Easy magazine.It was titled "Where have all the good men gone?". I don't even get tempted to reply to statements like these since i believe that they are only meant to sell newspapers. Not too long ago we were hearing men in crisis and boys in crisis.Then you hear Black men in crisis and it goes on and on and on......... Sometimes it amazes me at the conclusions that people come to from a set of statistics. One thing I am sure of is the exponential strides that Black men have made after going through the horrific experience of being enslaved,not to mention the failed attempt to mentally erase our history.In a short space of time after being ripped from our homelands we managed to eradicate the scourge from the world and continue the quest for a more humane and moral world.Nelson Mandela did it in South Africa just yesterday. Words are powerful.Africans at home got
Schools out so it means a lot of things especially for me who definitely will not be getting work done.In Barbados now it seems as though children go straight from school to summer camp.I don't think my little girl will be going to summer camp though....maybe I will be able to teach her something.....