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The Barbados Blues

Image by limeydog via Flickr GlamNest : "If all you want is sunshine and surf, you can travel pretty much anywhere. But if you seek that and more, consider a destination that’s rich in history and beauty – a place where the warm ocean sparkles and authentic experiences await you at every corner. Escape stress and embrace life in Barbados."

Romantic Barbados: Tropical sunsets and swimming with turtles on the perfect Caribbean honeymoon

Image by Rgtmum via Flickr Mail Online : "If the past is a foreign country, as they say, then our wedding and honeymoon in 1969 seems to have been on a foreign planet. Sitting here on a leather sofa on a beach in Barbados, twiddling our toes in warm Caribbean water and sipping champagne while gazing out at a magnificent tropical sunset, our gorgeous 40th anniversary dinner at the Almond Beach Village resort is something we could only have dreamed of back then."


Brunei fm : "Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in Barbados is the best airport in the Caribbean for service excellence. This is according to the Airport Service Quality (ASQ), an initiative of Airport Council International,"

Is it really that difficult to cross Barbados' roads

I just watched some tourists trying to cross Barbados' it really that difficult? I don't think so. They looked as though they were preparing for a 50m dash.... Related articles by Zemanta Life is no walk in the forest for the Barbados Green Monkey ( Can the sun and the sea of Barbados bring two sisters closer together? (

Head to Barbados - beyond those beaches

Travel : "“People used to come here for ABC — All Bajan Cuisine. The place was famous for its Sunday lunches but it fell into disrepair around diners' ears,” says my hard-hat guide Graham Dear, one of the team that has taken on this seaside inn, now more than 100 years old, and turned it into a boutique guesthouse and restaurant for the 21st century." Related articles by Zemanta Rum shops - Drink on island time in Barbados ( What should I do in Barbados? (

Barbados is queen of the Caribbean

Image via Wikipedia - The Independent : "Turquoise-coloured sea and beaches that live long in the memory are just a starter; add to this a warm sunny climate all year round, friendly people, infrastructure that is more first than third world and stable government and it's easy to see why Barbados still holds many in thrall." Related articles by Zemanta Bargain Barbados (

Win a Trip for Two to Barbados!

Flavorwire "There’s nothing quite like February to make us long for an island getaway. White-sand beaches, turquoise sea, tropical flavors, relaxed luxury: yup, sounds pretty perfect right about now. Good thing Barbados has “mastered the art of fine living.” (They’re really not joking. Everything about this Caribbean paradise screams dream-island holiday.) Even culture vultures that haven’t honed the skill of just chilling out on the beach can find plenty of year-round cultural entertainment on this tiny island. From film and music festivals to fine dining and diving, Barbados keeps even the more reluctant beach bum entertained. (Who are you people?)" Related articles by Zemanta Bargain Barbados (