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'Best of Barbados 2008' Offers the Ultimate Caribbean Spring & Fall Packages at a Price That's Right

Barbados Tourism Authority : "Taking that much needed Barbados vacation full of fun & sun doesn't mean breaking the bank -- at least not anymore! From February 25 until April 1 2008, Barbados is offering the chance to book an authentic Caribbean experience for travel during either Spring (May 1 - July 15) or Fall (September 1 - November 30). The 2008 Best of Barbados package is guaranteed to leave memories that last a lifetime, as well as, a pocket full of savings. The special Best of Barbados program invites visitors to customize vacations directly with their travel agent, selecting options from a full range of the very best hotels, attractions and activities available on island. Best of Barbados offers a truly unforgettable Caribbean experience at an exceptionally low rate, proving there has never been a better time to visit Barbados."

Barbados - Caribbean culture with a British accent

Global Holidays : "Once the home of huge colonial plantations, Barbados is now a destination for many sun hungry Brits wanting to get away from it all during the colder months. Far from abandoning its British-influenced past, the island state's 270,000 or so inhabitants have adopted elements of British culture into the West Indian way of life. Its national sport is cricket, while the island is still predominantly Protestant."

The Traditional Barbados winter....

I like the cold early mornings that we have been experiencing recently.This is the traditional Barbados weather that we had lost over the past few years,i would say about 3-5 years. Over these years we were experiencing warmer temperatures during December.This is it now.The tradional Barbados winter..... If you are a Bajan you know what I mean...if you are not you are probably thinking I'm mad...that is OK.