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video-Island Life in Bathsheba Barbados

A short glimpse into the life of the small coastal town of Bathsheba, Barbados 

Barbados, The Rum Island

English: Panarama of downtown Bridgetown, Barbados (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Forbes : " BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — Rum is believed by many to be the oldest distilled alcoholic beverage . The first commercially distilled variation of this drink is believed to have occurred in this easternmost of the Caribbean islands in 1637, which coincided with the rise of the sugarcane industry, the source of rum and the backbone of its economy well into the 20th Century. The island also has what I think is the best version of rum punch." Related articles Barbados Rum Festival, Industry In Jeopardy Regional rum producers may look to WTO to solve dispute with United States Where the heck are we? - Bathsheba, Barbados

Rihanna pushes Barbados campaign on sites

English: Rihanna in her Last Girl on Earth Tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) NationNews Barbados  " Millions of people around the world have already seen a sneak preview of a new Barbados tourism campaign featuring Rihanna . The Barbadian singing sensation has already posted images on her social media feeds including Twitter , Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #Barbados. The multi-platinum singer has 63 million followers on Twitter, more than 63 million fans on Facebook and almost three million fans on Instagram. " Related articles Barbados Pop Star Rihanna's 777 tour hits London Rihanna Debuts Sexy Barbados Tourism Ad Campaign (PHOTOS) Rihanna previews her flirtatious, adventurous campaign for Visit Barbados

Barbados Pop Star Rihanna's 777 tour hits London

   Barbados pop star  Rihanna  plays a secret gig in London as part of her 777 tour and turns on the Christmas lights at Westfield Stratford. .  

Barbados Food, Wine & Rum Festival

Barbados--Mystery of the Chase Burial Vault

 Bajan Kevin Farmer, Curator of History and Archeology at the Barbados Museum, shares the chilling story of the Chase Vault . And takes us to the scene of a supernatural mystery that once shocked the entire island, and echoes to this very day.