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Showing posts from April, 2007
I was in Bridgetown yesterday and was surprised to see that they were selling cricket tickets for fifty Barbados dollars.This would be a last ditch effort to get Bajans into Kensington Oval. They have even relaxed some of the rules pertaining to allowing music and re-entry.It only goes to show that the Caribbean organisers could have shown more backbone to the ICC.
I know it is not that funny but whenever I hear the words 'cricket world cup' it evokes a certain amount of mirth on my part,yet I know it is really not that funny. From the impression I was getting from the politicians and the organisers you would have expected the Caribbean to be crawling with visitors right about now.To say simply that this has not been the case would be a mild understatement. What is even more funny is to listen to some of the reasons put forth for the poor showing.I don't know anyone who have bought tickets but knowing the way that Bajans go about watching cricket I am not surprised.We don't like too much complexity and the world cup phenomenon was oozing complexity.Some people didn't even know how to buy a ticket. Although many have been blaming the ICC I am not apt to do so because we do have leaders in the Caribbean who should not blindly accept what is put before them but all too often Caribbean people appear to lack the acumen to negotiate