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Coasting in Barbados

Image via Wikipedia : "Surf crashes from the deep blue sea on to the golden sands, and the wind whistles through the palm trees and up the rugged hillside. Truly, this is another side of Barbados, a far cry from the classic Caribbean image of the tranquil turquoise sea and certainly Simon Cowell will not be whizzing around here on his jet-ski during his annual winter break. But then I am in every sense of the word on the “other” side of Barbados. For such a small island – 21 by 14 miles – the difference between the west and east coasts is quite remarkable. Most tourists gravitate to the resorts that fringe the southern and western coasts of this lovely, lush island. But not to see the eastern coast would be a terrible shame." Related articles by Zemanta Property in the Caribbean: Welcome to Barbados (