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Face to face with a vicious Akita

I came face to face today with a vicious Akita,me and my little girl, luckily I had her in my arms while we were about to walk through the West Terrace district.We came around a corner and there was this huge Akita.It was actually taller than my little girl.She would have been looking it straight in the face.

Now I am naturally afraid of dogs even the smallest of Chihuahuas.I avoided eye contact with the dog although peripherally I could see that he stopped and looked up at me.I continued walking calmly as though there was no threat about. Why do I say he was vicious? That is what I am hearing from people living in the area.Maybe he was just out of his territorial zone but I hope his owners keep in fenced in a lot better.That is something that I wouldn't want to happen again.

Just a few months ago a child was mauled by an Akita.There was a time when the main dogs you used to encounter was the 'lowly' salmon tot retriever;A unique Barbados mongrel.Such is not the case now.Today you will find Pit bulls,Rottweilers,Akita's in abundance and more of these types of dogs.

It used to be when you only had to contend with maybe a German Shepherd or Doberman but those days are gone


Anonymous said…
Thank god nothing happened to you and your kid . I know a guy who had these ignorant dogs I told him from the behaviour of his dog it would attack a kid if given thechance .He didnot listen and it got a way and did that attack a neighbours kid. They dont belong in Barbados.
Anonymous said…
I am happy to hear that you were not hurt. Fear of dogs is natural but to label a dog based purely on breed is ignorance. Any dog small or large are capable of biting and breed has very little to do with it. It is irresponsible owners who are to blame whether they own a poodle or a Akita. There is no better gift we can give a dog than training, socialisation and a good home that leads to a helthy well balanced dog. As much the same applies to humans; we "bite" all the time does that mean that we are all dangerous. Is it fair to say that that since there are some "bad" humans that we are all "bad"?
Anonymous said…
How inappropriate to make such sweeping generlizations. How ignorant to refer label as vicious an entire breed when the dog in question neither attacked nor showed any aggression whatsoever. Such a slanderous remark is no better than saying all Blacks have rhythm, all Mexicans are lazy and all Gypsies are thieves! In over 20 years of involvement with the Akita Breed I have never produced a "vicious" dog. I hope your child does not pick-up your irrational fears. You offend me.

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