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Road set

The Nation Newspaper Road set: "GRAND KADOOMENT and Bridgetown Market, among the final events for the Crop-Over season, are just around the corner."

Now Bridgetown market I can take...and I think my little girl will be going for the first time..I like to look at the craft but unfortunately I don't ever end up buying anything...but I think my little girl will have a good time...Kadooment is a different ball game...I somehow get the feeling that it is becoming more and more x-rated....people working themselves in a frenzy and drinking themselves blind.....I shudder at the thought that my little girl will be jumping one day...but then again....


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Jamaica 'ties knot' with Bajans : "Air Jamaica has tied 'the knot' with the Barbados Tourism Authority on a marketing deal for newly weds. Barbados, a veteran in traditional tropical tourism for over six decades, markets to certain niche markets as well.".........................................................Air Jamaica, the Barbados-designated flag carrier from New York - affectionately known as "The Lovebird" - has pledged its troth to Barbados' new weddings and honeymoons website.


I hate to look at the Barbados tourists site that give the history of Barbados.The ones that talk of Columbus discovering these islands and the other foolish tales that the Bob Marley and Burning Spear called 'mis-education'.I agree with them as a matter of fact Burning Spear referred to Christopher Columbus as a 'damn blasted liar'.Thank god for Rastafari. One of the funniest stories is the one of the bearded fig tree and the name Los Barbados which was supposed to mean 'the bearded one'. In the words of Gary Cole from the book reflections; The Colonization of Barbados is one of the darkest events and evil stories of modern history.Four centuries ago,Spanish and Portuguese slavers started to kidnap,kill and drive out the thousands of peaceful Indians found on the island the Indians called Ichirouganaim.The exact location of the island was a carefully kept secret but Spanish and Portuguese soldiers and sailors knew the island as the barbarous island,"Los B