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Swim with Barbados’ sea turtles

Swim with Barbados’ sea turtles: "Barbados is sanctuary to a healthy population of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. These sociable creatures were once endangered by over-fishing but are now protected by The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) who actively promotes awareness about sea turtle conservation."


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Barbados Help

Yes I know there are a lot of Barbados talk boards on the web,but i just thought i would start another one.Since people online are always asking me questions about barbados i figure that we could never have enough of the barbados here it is....I hope it becomes really active.

Courtyard By Marriott Bridgetown Barbados To Renovate Guestrooms

Hospitality Net Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown, Barbados has announced that it has renovated its guestrooms and updated its amenities. Following a $600,000 investment by development firm Caribe Hospitality of Barbados Ltd, the 118 newly enhanced rooms and suites aim to provide guests with a modern stylish décor and to capture the vibe, essence and beauty of Barbados.