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Now is the time to fly to Barbados

The Nation Newspaper | LIAT offers dollar fares: "ST. JOHN'S - Regional carrier LIAT has teamed up with the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), to spur travel into Barbados for cricket with a US$1 each way fare.

The enticing fare will allow travellers from seven Caribbean territories to see cricket live for a total return fare of just US$2 Dollars plus applicable taxes.

The '$1 Cricket Party' promotion was launched first on the new LIAT website (, at midnight, Sunday, February 15, 2009."


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The Nation Newspaper | Bumper Crop-Over

The Nation Newspaper Bumper Crop-Over : "Bumper Crop-Over Published on: 8/4/06. by MARIA BRADSHAW THIS CROP-OVER WEEKEND is going to be full of revelry, especially by visitors to Barbados. Most of the airlines that service the island have been busy in recent weeks ferrying plane loads of people here, and hotels are also reporting high occupancy. Chay Davis, consultant in corporate communications at the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) told WEEKEND NATION they were expecting a bumper Crop-Over. "

Barbados Help

Yes I know there are a lot of Barbados talk boards on the web,but i just thought i would start another one.Since people online are always asking me questions about barbados i figure that we could never have enough of the barbados here it is....I hope it becomes really active.